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We place a very high emphasis at Pool on every pupil gaining a sound working knowledge of mathematics. As a core subject in the National Curriculum it is studied extensively by all students in all years.

Pupils should encounter a range of different mathematical experiences with a balance between:

  • group work and individual work
  • oral and written work
  • activities which develop knowledge or practise skills and investigative problem solving or practical activities
  • activities which are closed, and those that are open
  • listening and talking, reading and writing, observing and doing
  • using ICT in mathematics

Key-Stage 4 Examinations

Students will be entered for the EDEXCEL examinations at the end of Year 11.  There is no coursework component of the syllabus so each exam paper accounts for 50% of their grade.

GCSE Mathematics is examined in two overlapping tiers of entry:

Higher Tier with grades A* to D available

Foundation Tier with grades C to G available

Both tiers have 2 exam papers at the end of the course, each lasting 1 hour 45 minutes. 

Mr A Pamplin-Barnard

Head of Mathematics