Leadership Awards

Pool Academy also has opportunities for students to take leadership responsibilities within departments, capitalising on their own skills and interests to develop their abilities to work in a team and to lead giving them a great advantage when it comes to further life beyond school. 

Here are the details of just some of the leadership prospects that students can enjoy at Pool Academy:

Maths Leaders

The Maths Leadership Award teaches leadership skills and enables successful candidates to lead small groups in simple maths based activities whilst under direct supervision of their tutor.

The Maths Leader Award is broken down into 6 units, some of which tackle the generic leadership skills such as communication and organisation whilst others focus on subject specific skills such as using maths across the curriculum and running a maths event.


PE- Sports Leaders

This award is a nationally recognised award that helps to develop your leadership skills and enable you to work with younger children, either inside school or outside. It is mainly a practical course but there is some written work as well.


Sports Leaders at a Primary School Sports Event
 There are 7 units that are needed to be completed during the course. The units are as follows:

1: Planning, preparing and assisting a simple sporting activity
2: Basic communication skills for leading a sporting activity
3: Principles and practice in delivering a basic health and fitness session
4: Understanding fair play in sport
5: Understanding the role of the sports official
6: Understanding the scope of local sport and recreational activities
7: Demonstration of leadership skills in sport
English- Literacy Leaders
Much like the Maths leadership award the Literacy leadership award is also focused on giving the students the ability to deliver learning to younger students and practise generic leadership skills. Students focus on how literacy is important not only in English lessons but also across the curriculum in all subjects. They also learn how to make teaching literacy fun and enjoyable to all students and how to tailor the content to the needs of the audience.
Arts Award
The Arts Award is a national qualification which supports young people to develop as artists and arts leaders.
Doing an Arts Award helps students to develop their creative skills and their ability to communicate well and lead projects. An Arts Award is useful for getting further education opportunities or jobs — in the arts and in other fields.

The Arts Award is a qualification offered at Levels 1, 2 and 3 (Bronze, Silver and Gold) on the National Qualifications Framework. Certificates are issued by Trinity College London.
DT and Science- CREST Awards
The British Science Association's CREST award (CREativity in Science and Technology) gives young people aged 11-19 opportunities to explore real world projects in an exciting way. CREST links closely to the curriculum and is a great way to make these subjects creative and engaging for pupils – both in and out of the class.