Student Support

At Pool Academy, we encourage a wide range of support services that are run by the students themselves. To be a member of the team you much show the following qualities:

Motivating, Enthusiastic, Non-judgemental, Trustworthy, Open-minded, Reliable, Supportive

Help Desk

A first port of call for many visitors to the school, a different pair of students staff the helpdesk every day. It is situated at the main reception and so allows them to deal with questions from visitors as well as run crucial tasks for members of staff.

Help Desk


A select group of Year 11 students get to be prefects. These students are easily identifiable as they have special uniforms, allowing them to be approached by younger students who might have questions. They also have a crucial role in representing the school at various events and delivering talks & speeches.

Peer Mentors

Students often feel safer confiding the problems with other pupils, so at Pool Academy a number of students are designated peer mentors. Peer mentors are trained to give advice and help students with their problems, no matter how big and small they are and then take the appropriate action. 

Cyber Mentors

Cyber mentors are part of the national cyber mentoring program that gives specialist training to students so that they can pinpoint and stop cyber bullying in all it's forms. They also operate a sereis of contact points, such as an email address, so that any student with issues can contact them for advice. More information can be found on their website