How Will I Know How Well My Child is Doing?

Students In LessonsAt Pool Academy we believe that an essential part of academic success is the provision of regular, accurate and meaningful information about how well each student is achieving.

We use a twin-approach to guarantee this, combining regular reports with academic tutoring interviews.

Regular Reports

Each term, every student at Pool receives an individual report. Parents and carers value these reports, which contain:

• detailed information showing the level at which each student is currently working

• straightforward targets which show parents and carers what their child should be aiming for, and how to get there

• Specific feedback about behaviour, working with others, punctuality, homework and use of ICT, all of which contribute significantly to the academic success we are determined to see for all our students.

Academic Tutoring Interviews

Students WorkingOne of the approaches we have built in, to strengthen the quality of feedback, is the use of academic tutoring interviews for all students. At least once a year students and their parents have a consultation with their form tutor. This meeting is used to take a detailed look into academic performance across all subjects, find out early where problems might exist, celebrate success and focus on strategies to ensure our students are succeeding across the board.

Academic tutoring interviews are a part of an ongoing, three-way process in which students’ work and progress is regularly analysed in detail. Both the regular reports, and the academic tutoring interviews, are underpinned by the commitment of our staff to meet parents and carers at any time to discuss individual concerns. Letters of praise, individual phone calls to congratulate students and Academic Awards Evenings are all part of our belief in quality-feedback, and its link to academic success.