How Do I Find Out About Getting My Child A Place At Pool Business & Enterprise College?

Two Pool Academy Students

Like all Cornish schools, Cornwall County Council has overall responsibility for admissions to Pool Academy. However, we warmly welcome enquiries from parents and carers, who will be given an informal tour and have a chance to chat with a senior member of staff. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to make an appointment.

For a copy of the booklet ‘Transfer to Secondary School’, which gives details of the admissions criteria for Cornish Secondary Schools, or to make an enquiry about admission, interested parents and carers can contact the Admissions and Transport (Policy) Team, who are part of services for Children, Young People and Families at County Hall, Truro TR1 3AY. They can also be contacted by telephone on 01872 322003. For general enquiries the email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and the website address is


How strong are the links with primary schools?

A Drama ProductionWorking with our local partner primary schools is very important to us. Pool Academy has worked hard in recent years to build up strong links with local primary schools. A large proportion of students come to us from amongst our local partner primary schools; we are also delighted to welcome a growing number of students every year from primary schools which are further away. Individual students from these schools are of course given every opportunity to join in with our primary liaison work. We feel that our work with local primary schools is one of the reasons for the recent growth in interest in students coming to Pool. Our partnership with primaries means that:

• from Years Three to Six students have regular opportunities to work with us, both by coming to Pool, and by our staff and students working in local primary schools

• the transition to secondary school is made easier by knowing the layout of the school, and having met several members of the teaching team

• we have an opportunity to see first hand how well students can work, and are able to learn from our primary colleagues, about individual students and about what has been successful in terms of their learning.