How Will My Child Achieve High Academic Standards?

A Student at WorkAll students receive a broad, balanced curriculum which offers opportunities to extend beyond the National Curriculum. We strive to equip all students with the necessary intellectual, physical, cultural, emotional and moral skills and attitudes to enable them to face the adult world with confidence, honesty and a sense of purpose.

We closely monitor our teaching to ensure we are learning from each other. Our carefully planned professional development is designed to keep us up to date with national initiatives designed to boost student progress. Teaching teams are divided into the following departments, enhanced by a growing range of Vocational opportunities for our students:

• English

• Maths
Art Work
• Science

• Humanities

• Modern Foreign Languages

• Expressive Arts

• Information and Communication Technology

• Physical Education

• Technology

• Business Studies

• Citizenship


Religious Education
Students Studying
Religious Education (RE) both develops students’ knowledge, understanding and awareness of Christianity and the other principal religions in Britain, and helps to encourage a respect for those holding different beliefs. Students in all year groups are taught RE, and are able to complete a half-GCSE at the end of Year Eleven. At Pool we work hard to promote the spiritual, moral and cultural development of all our students. This includes providing a daily act of collective worship, where possible. Parents’ rights of withdrawal from religious education and collective worship are respected. Please get in touch with us should you wish to discuss this.

Gifted and Talented

With the help of our partner primary schools we identify, and work with, Gifted and Talented students before they come to Pool. Once they join us as students, they have access to a range of additional learning opportunities as part of out G & T programme. Examples include attending DfES study weeks, masterclasses in a range of subjects, composing workshops and a series of specific study days.