Why is a Partnership with Parents so important?

The Front of the School

One of the foundations on which Pool Academy is built is the strong sense of shared purpose which exists between our staff and our parents and carers; we are united in wanting the best possible education for our students.

We encourage parents and carers to get in touch with us if they feel there are any issues arising from their child’s education. It is important for us to have regular feedback. We need to know if a problem exists, to enable us to work it through. We regularly send out questionnaires to our parents and to our students, to help us to gauge what is effective about our work, and to learn how we might improve. The new reporting system was designed in response to our parents asking for more regular and more focused information about student progress.

Parents are regularly invited to Pool to celebrate the success of our students; Academic Awards Evenings take place for students across the school. Our evenings for academic award winners regularly attract over three hundred parents to the school, to congratulate students who receive medals for excellent work. Parents are also warmly invited to watch the many sporting events, especially Sports Day itself.

Supporters at Sports DayWe also encourage parents and carers to contribute to our growth in other ways. The school has regular, informal meetings for parents where school policy and practice are discussed. Opportunities can exist for parents to become School Governors, whilst others join the ‘Friends of Pool School’, a fund-raising group who work tirelessly to boost the school’s income, thereby creating even more opportunities for our children. Parenting classes have also been run at the school with great success.

Finally, we are proud of our school, and the way in which all of us are contributing to its growth and its high expectations. At Pool Academy we ask for two things from our parents and carers: that they champion us, and that they challenge us.