How does Pool Academy care about its students?

A Ceramics LessonThe most effective way in which we can demonstrate care is by seeking to remove the barriers which prevent some students from achieving academic success. All of our pastoral work is underpinned by a relentless focus on learning. Developing self-esteem by doing well at school is the most effective way in which our students can leave us to go on to enjoy successful and responsible lives. Our dedicated and highly-skilled pastoral teams thrive on working with parents and carers to produce confident, ambitious young adults, equipped with the education and skills they will need to be able to make positive and sustained contributions to society.

At Pool we take any disruption to learning seriously and invest our time in working with students, parents and carers if necessary, to ensure that long term solutions are put in place.

At the heart of the care we provide is the student’s personal tutor; this is the key person who will have day-today responsibility for each child’s welfare and academic progress. Each team of tutors is led by a member of our Student Guidance Team.

How does Pool Academy help to get my child off to a good start?

Joining Pool Academy is an important step for every student. Our aim is to make the move as smooth and effective as possible. So, how to do we achieve this?Surf Club

• our intensive approach to primary liaison

• tutor groups are carefully put together, ensuring students are in the right group for them

• parents and carers visit us before their children join us as students; this is a chance to meet form tutors, pastoral team leaders and members of the College Leadership Team

• parents and carers know they can get in touch at any time to speak with us in confidence should they have any concerns, and that we take the well-being of our students seriously

• all students are given a Personal Organiser to help them to plan their work