School Standards

School UniformWe believe that homework is essential to academic success. Students quickly learn that the key to managing their homework is the Personal Organiser, in which they keep a daily record of targets and work set.

Our strong belief in homework represents a good example of the importance of the three-way partnership on which the school is based. Firstly, we are grateful to parents and carers for their role, which is monitoring the setting of homework, and ensuring it is done. Secondly, it is essential that students complete all assignments to the best of their abilities. Finally, our role is to ensure the regular setting of a range of appropriate, challenging and interesting homework tasks, across all subjects, and that students are not allowed to fail by not completing homework to a high standard.

Hockey Practice

What about the school uniform?

At Pool Academy we are proud of our uniform, which we feel is smart, comfortable and appropriate for a twenty-first century learning environment. The wearing of school uniform makes an important contribution to the tone and reputation of our school. All students are expected to wear full school uniform, and the correct kit for their PE lessons. We appreciate the continued support and co-operation of our parents and carers in ensuring that we maintain high standards of presentation.